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303 Aerospace Cleaner - Label and Instructions

303 Aerospace Cleaner


303 Aerospace Cleaner (303 AC) is an industrial concentrate that meets or exceeds EPA standards for biodegradability.  Safe for any water-safe surface.  Heat, agitation and dwell time speed the cleaning action.  303 Aerospace Cleaner will do the same job as unsafe products, but safely and without solvents.  Just allow it time to work.  Rinse with clean potable water after use.

BASIC INSTRUCTION:  Mix with water to desired dilution.  Spray on surface.  Allow time to penetrate, then rinse with water at highest available pressure.  Heavily impacted soils, grease or stains may need agitation or second application.  Do not allow product to dry on surface.

Outdoor Fabrics (awnings/canvas/auto tops): Rinse well, spray or brush on 303 AC.  Allow to penetrate, agitate, rinse thoroughly.  For heavier soiling/degreasing increase agitation and dwell time, repeat if necessary.  

Retreating/Fabric Protection: After cleaning, Outdoor Fabrics must be retreated to restore water repellency and stain resistance.  303 High Tech Fabric Guard restores and maintains water repellency, protects against soiling, both water and oil-based stains and is your best choice for: Outdoor Fabrics, all synthetic and natural fabrics and blends, carpet and upholstery - acrylics, polyesters, nylons, cotton, wool, silk, suede and fine leathers.  303 HTFG is recommended by/for Sunbrella/Glen Raven, Inc.

All 303 products are guarantee when used as directed.  Manufacturer's liability to product replacement or refund upon proof of purchase and return of unused portion.

Sunbrella is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.

pH Explained

A pH of 7 is neutral, 0 is the most acidic pH rating, 14 is the most basic (alkaline/caustic) pH rating.  The pH scale is a logarithmic scale. Each unit of change equals a "power of ten". A pH of 3 is actually 10 times more acidic than a pH of 4. Conversely, a pH of 13 is actually 10 times more alkaline than a pH of 12. Therefore, a pH of 13 is 10,000 times more alkaline/caustic than a pH of 9.

Dilution Ratios -

Scale equals Water: 303
FS = Full Strength

Heavy Degreasing - FS to  10:1
Oil Tanker Holds / Bunker Oil
Fuel Tanks / Containers / Boiler Fireside
Carbonized Deposits
Grease Tanks / Hoods / Filters
Waste Containers
For Use as a Hand Cleaner
Medium Degreasing - FS to 50:1
Engine Degreasing
Dip Tanks / Parts Washers
Grease Tanks / Hoods / Filters
Machinery / Heavy Equipment
Concrete Floors / Oil Deposits
Oil Field Uses
Awnings / Acrylic Canvas
Vents / Smoke & Soot
Road Oil / Road Tar
General Cleaning - FS to 30:1 and Greater
Engine Degreasing
Auto Exteriors / Vans / Buses
Vinyl / Leather / Plastics
Walls / Counters / Waste Containers
Awnings / Acrylic Canvas
Showers / Tubs / Tile
Other Cleaning
Aluminum - 5:1 and Greater
Pressure Sprayers - 10:1 to 100:1
Steam Cleaners - 10:1 to 100:1
Floor Scrubbers - 15:1 to 75:1
Carpet / Fabric
- Spot Cleaning - 30:1 and Greater
- Machine Extractor - 100:1 and Greater
Mildew - 10:1 to 30:1
Wax Removal - Full Strength to 30:1
Fruits & Vegetables - 200:1 and Greater