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Care and Cleaning Suggestions for Soft Tops

A program of keeping the top clean through regular washings before it gets dirty will enhance the beauty and life of any convertible top and make successive cleanings easier.

RaggTop Cleaners Now Available - Tested and Approved by Haartz Fabric Manufacturers. Purchase the right cleaner for your vinyl or fabric Convertible Top, tonneau cover, auto bra ect.

Car Washes:

Most automatic carwashes will not harm Vinyl fabrics. Washes with water jets and hanging cloths provide a more gentle cleaning action. Those using heavy barrel brushes could damage the top Material. It's Strongly recommended to hand wash your Convertible top. Never allow a car wash to apply spray wax to your convertible top.

Cleaning Suggestions:

Bird and tree droppings, as well as other loose particle matter should be removed promptly. Vacuum the top with a brush attachment and rinse the top with water to remove such loose particle matter. This will also prevent such matter from being redeposited during the cleaning process. DO NOT use detergents When cleaning the top, is should be in the shade or an on overcast day when evaporation is slower. Washing with a soap, like Ivory or Lux and warm water is a safe method. The Recommended tool is a soft scrub brush. If you can rub the brush across the back of your hand without scratching your skin, itís probably saft to use on your soft top. Do not use cloth, chenille-covered sponge or lambís wool mit, as they may leave lint.

Vinyl Type Tops:

You may scrub the top GENTLY with a soft nylon brush or terry cloth.( For vinyl tops with Standard, diamond or pinpoint grain on the outer surface itís recommended to use a gentle scrubbing action to avoid abrading the tops of the tiny pyramids in the embossing pattern.) Rise thoroughly with lukewarm water until no remaining soap foam is observed. Repeat this procedure for very soiled tops. Allow the top to dry, especially before opening the top and folding into the storage well.
Because a properly formulated and coated vinyl is inherently waterproof, additional treatment is unnecessary (in this respect, such top material is different from cloth type top material that do need a water repellency re-treatment.). DO NOT USE top dressing cleaners or conditioners containing silicones, organic solvents, petroleum distillates or plasticizers as these may permanently harm the top materialís vinyl. You can use a Vinyl Cleaner specifically for Vinyl products.

Properly formulated, the vinyl coating itself does not promote mildew growth. However, mildew may grow on dirt on other matter that is not removed from the top.

Cloth Type Tops

Although the fabric does not promote mildew grown by itself, mildew may develop on dirt and other foreign substances that are not removed. This is Especially true in warm, humid, dark environments. Once a Cloth top has been cleaned, it needs to dry completely. A Re-water repellent is recommended. Failure to apply will result in rapid resoiling of unprotected fabric.

Important Hints:

    Never - spot-clean a convertible top. Always - clean the whole top at one time. Spot cleaning could lead to irregular shading or discolored patches in the fabric or vinyl.
    Always - clean windows after youíve cleaned to top
    Never - Scrub or use a circular motion on your plastic windows
    Always - wash top in the shade not in direct sunlight
    Never - Use Detergents, bleaches, harsh cleansers, cleaners or abrasives
    Never - use dry-cleaning solvents ect.
    Always - Wet entire car before washing top
    Always - Rinse well with hose to make sure to remove all traces of soap Wipe of excess water with a sponge. Be careful to rinse entire car to avoid streaking the paint.
    Never - Lower down or cover convertible top when wet or damp, this can cause mildew growth and in extreme cases can cause discoloration or rotting of top.


Common cleaning products can be harmful to your soft top. Chemicals you should NOT use on our near your top include ammonia, bleach, detergent, alcohol and vinegar. Detergents, bleach and harsh acids will quickly deteriorate canvas, whereas ammonia and alcohol will dry and cloud vinyl.
DO NOT USE top dressing cleaners or conditioners containing silicones, organic solvents, petroleum distillates or plasticizers as these may permanently harm the top materialís vinyl

Window Cleaning:

Glass Windows: should be cleaned with a water based cleaner only. Care should be used when cleaning heater/defroster windows not to scratch the defroster lines or break the power source. Cleaners should never be allowed to drip into seams or heat seals.
Plastic Windows: should be cleaned frequently. Be sure to hose or blow off loose dirt from the surface first, then use plain water, mild soap and water or carefully selected vinyl window cleaner. Apply with a soft cloth or tissue. Always clean in a side to side or top to bottom motion, NEVER in a circular motion Ė as this can damage the vinyl. NEVER use brushes or abrasives when cleaning windows.
Polyvinyl Fog is created by the evaporation of plasticizers (oily hydrocarbons) and other oils. This effect can be managed by carefully choosing the products and method you clean your windows with.

Misc. Information:

Unlatch top at front before unzipping or zipping window closed. Unless different instructions appear in your owners manual
Do not raise or lower your convertible top, glass or plastic windows, when the temperature is below 40 degrees F (5 degrees C.) since this can cause damage to topping, plastic, windows and other components.
Do not lower your convertible top when itís wet
Do not store away wet tops, boots or tonneau covers it may cause discoloration or shrinking.
Highly recommended to leave your top in the up position overnight or whenever you will not be driving. This will help your convertible top to retain the original shape, resist shrinking, and avoid crease marks where the top folds when in the down position. This helps to prolong the life of the material and windows.
Highly recommended to leave a new top and glass or plastic windows in the up position for a minimum of 24 hours after installation. As convertible top frames age, links and joints may wear and top frames may not have thee same alignment as when it was new. Leaving the top and windows in the up position allows them time to become seasoned to the framework.

Please note the above information is suggestions for caring and cleaning your soft top. We always recommend you follow your manufactures suggestions for maintaining your top. Tops4less.com assumes NO responsibility for damages that may occur by following or not following the above information.

Soft Top Cleaner & Protector
Soft Top Cleaner & Protector